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Inverness Campervans take pride in providing excellent service and quality campervans at very competitive rates. We can only continue to offer this if our hire vehicles are taken care of. We therefore expect the following from all of our customers to ensure a hassle free experience for everyone. We will keep this as brief and relevant as possible.

We are a family run business, not a multi million pound concern, so we offer a quality personal service. To ensure that our vehicles remain in good order, we expect you to respect them and take good care of them.

Once you have decided on your ideal campervan, and duration of hire, please submit your campervan choice and dates on the availability page. you will be contacted, normally on the same day (depending on time demands etc) to confirm availability of the dates and vehicle.

You can also e-mail  enquiries@inverness-campervans.co.uk Alternatively, please phone the number noted on the contact page.

Please read these carefully as they have been updated January 2018.

Booking and Deposit

Pay your deposit, which is £150. You can pay this via the PayPal link on the website or by card over the phone.  When you pay the balance of your hire fee, your card details act as security in the event of damage sustained on hire.

The remainder of your hire fee will be due no later than two weeks prior to your hire date.

Licence and Documentation

Insurance cover is only available for 25 to 72 year olds. Outwith these parameters, unfortunately we cannot hire to you.  We apologise if this includes you.

On the day of your hire collection, please provide all the necessary documentation for your insurance cover  (your licence photocard, passport & a utility bill to confirm your address). We also require a DVLA Driver record print out (this replaces the paper licence).  You can access this information by going to the DVLA website and providing the details required.  The address for this is...


Your campervan will be clean and full of fuel when you receive it, so please return it with a full tank, otherwise your credit or debit ard will be deducted the relevant amount plus an admin fee to cover the time to refuel and generate an invoice. A full fuel tank means fill it (in Nairn) till the pump clicks, then drive it to base.

Breakdown Cover

At Inverness Campervans, we do our best to eliminate the possibility of a breakdown.  The owner is an ex mechanic so has experience and familiarity of mechanical issues. All our vehicles are covered by either Manufacturer's warranty and break down cover, or AA cover for vehicles outwith the warranty period.

All vehicles are equipped with a full size spare wheel and jack, though you are not expected to change wheels if you are not comfortable with doing so.

We periodically check our vehicles for road worthiness, and thus provide a check list which will detail the checks made, and when they were made. You will be shown the sheet and be asked to confirm you have seen it and are satisfied with it.


Under fuelled vehicle – Charged at actual cost of refuelling plus £25 administration fee – receipt for fuel will be available on request.

Damage - Charged at actual cost of repair plus an appropriate labour charge to arrange the repair – receipt for repair will be available on request.  If this involves an insurance claim,  a labour charge to administrate and arrange the claim. Typically, this will involve you describing the incident while we make the claim. Taking the vehicle for inspection to repair body shops, Taking the vehicle back to base.  Booking it in then taking it back for repair, and having it off the road for the duration of the repair.  This all takes time and needs to be covered, but we will be as fair as we can.

From 2018, excess waiver comes as standard with all of our hire insurance.  However, this does not afford you 'Carte Blanche' to abuse the vehicles. For the avoidance of doubt, and for mutual protection, we do not include minor damage sustained as a result of mis-use and minor dents and scrapes.  For example, if you reverse into a wall, damaging the paint on the rear bumper, it will most likely need a re-sprayed bumper, and we should be able to do this for a very reasonable cost. When the cost is likely to include replacement panels or major bodywork repairs, then an insurance claim will need to be made.

No charge will be made if the campervan is returned in an acceptable standard. However, if there is damage to pay for, we will need to cover costs and will let you know what the charge will be as soon as possible. Please remember that we do have to cover our costs, but do not wish to profit from unfortunate incidents.  If, for example, a scratch can be polished out in minutes, then we will endeavour to make that effort for no cost, but this would need to be a very light scratch.  If some damage requires paintwork, we will need this covered. a general rule of thumb for scratches is... if you can catch your finger nail against a scratch, it will not polish out.

If you incur any driving or parking offences for the duration of your hire, you will be liable for the associated fines or endorsements.

We expect to have to clean the campervan on its return, but we do not expect to need to clean up neglectful mess etc.  Please do not attempt to wash the exterior to check damage, as we have a very specific way to clean our vehicles, and we do not wish the paintwork to be further damaged.

As part of the handover process, you will be required to sign a condition report, this process details any imperfections, and you will therefore not be required to pay for anything which is not listed.

Equipment deficit – Charged at cost for replacement of each item

Portable toilet – Cleaning fee for toilet returned in a poor state of cleanliness £25

Enjoy your campervan and all of its features and extras, but please take care of everything, and treat it as you would your own belongings. Please be honest if you damage the van, we understand accidents happen, so please make it easier on everyone and don't try to wriggle out of your responsibility.

If you experience any problems with your campervan, consult the Hire information and help pack, and follow the guidance relevant to your situation.

By hiring one of our campervans, you are effectively accepting these terms and conditions.

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